Sunday, 30 June 2013

Google Reader...


Remember folks, as from tomorrow Google Reader will cease to be of any use to you in keeping an eye out for blog updates. If you want to switch and follow this blog and others via Bloglovin' then use the button to the right to get going.



Nic said...

I forgot! Until I logged in to catch up - and it was no more! On a positive note, I am no longer reminded on a daily basis just how much MindBodyGreen posts I haven't managed to catch up with! No hugely enamoured with Feedly so far (it might be just the change ;) ) so I'll check out blog lovin.

Robyn said...

errr...mine's back - it wasn't working yesterday evening, but is back to normal now....confused much?!

I've been impressed with BlogLovin so far - although I do confess to being unreasonably cross that I have to go to one place to read, and another to post...!