Thursday, 11 January 2007

Another Step...

....On our road to changing the way we eat. This is our Organic veg box. First one has arrived today and it all looks really tasty! We weren't fussed about it being organic to be honest, but the key thing for us was that so far as possible, the contents will be locally grown (From across East Anglia mainly) and really fresh. I find it ridiculous that when I go into the supermarket I struggle to get mushrooms that are grown in the UK, and yet just five miles up the road from us there are mushroom farms churning them out by the tonne! Where do they go? Well, ludicrous as it seems, abroad! Whilst Tescos are busy selling us Dutch or Belgian mushrooms (Only their organic ones are grown over here) farmers locally are busy shipping theirs hundreds of miles.

SO - bottom line is - Mr Tesco, you will NOT be seeing so much of our cash for fruit and veg any more! (Or indeed meat as we're sourcing alternative suppliers for that too!)


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