Monday, 7 May 2007

One from the holiday...

This shot is going down well over at Talk Photography - I posted up the colour version 
yesterday and was promptly inundated with people telling me I should pop it into 
mono to see how it looked - here is the result!

This was taken on a lovely walk we found on South Uist - it took us across from Loch Carnan to the opposite side of Loch Skipport from our favourite spot at the Old Pier (see for some shots of that) - it was nice to see the pier from a different perspective and on the way we came across an abandoned settlement including the ruins of the old school. Fascinating to see - but rather sad too thinking of all the people who would once have lived and worked there. Just in front of the house in the picture was the remains of the family's old blackhouse - they must have been so proud when they were able to move into the whitehouse in the picture - it would have represented a massive step up for them. Now it stands in ruins.

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