Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Yum Yum!

Another shot with the Macro lens - this was my pudding on Sunday lunchtime - fresh raspberries and ice-cream! I'd been working with the macro lens before we ate - shooting some of the flowers on the balcony and hoping to get the cat to pose for a few shots also, with little success! The camera was next to me on the table and I decided that before I finished the delicious bowlful I should see what a raspberry looked like in close-up! Here is the answer!

I'm still really enjoying experimenting with the macro lens - my downfall I suspect will be that I can only rarely be bothered to set up the tripod - I generally prefer the freedom of working handheld and of course with the extremely shallow depth of field on this lens that becomes very tricky. More planning needed, and to actually set aside "camera-time" when I want to work with it I think.


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