Sunday, 8 March 2009

Wind in the Willows...

Or at least, one of the characters. This is a water vole - otherwise known by lovers of the book as "Ratty". It was a nice bright day today so we headed out to the RSPB Reserve at Rainham Marshes - first time we'd been. I'd say definitely not the last time though as it's a lovely place. There's a circular trail which runs right the way around - a little over 2 miles apparently and very easy walking - ideal for a day when the ground is wet as the majority of the trails are boardwalk or made up paths.  We encountered Ratty at the very end of our walk - literally a couple of hundred yards from the visitors centre, and had already seen plenty to hold our interest on the way around. First time sighting for us of a Little Egret - although my Mum keeps seeing them all over the place, apparently! Lots of goldfinches on the Nyjer seed feeders, and assorted waterfowl including many Wigeon, shoveller, mallards and others.  I might post up some more pictures over the next few days as I come to them, I got some shots of some of the landscape there too - there are a lot of old Military buildings still there - quite interesting to look at and just begging to be photographed - next time we go I must make sure I take a lens other than the 300mm!

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