Monday, 15 February 2010

Hebrides Countdown 2010...

And just the incentive I need to start posting on here again - Easter is looming and, more to the point, I am finally trying to get to grips with Canon's "Digital Photo Professional" software. I have also finally got around to installing HDRSoft's excellent Photomatix pro HDR software onto the laptop, and will be aiming to do a bit more practise with it before we head back to the Hebrides.
The shot above was taken on the way back last year - we crossed from Kylerhea on Skye to Glenelg on the mainland on the "little ferry", and this view was just a few miles up the road from the jetty at Glenelg. I think this year's plan involves heading straight back over the Skye bridge and then taking a short diversion to go and take a look at the Falkirk Wheel, although no doubt we will judge it on the day depending on weather.

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