Monday, 29 March 2010


This shot was taken first thing this morning from the cottage. It's not unusual here that the first thing I do in the morning, before even having a cup of tea, is to dash outside with the camera to capture the view as it is then, right at that moment. From a photographic point of view you'd struggle to find better light anywhere than up here - the air is so clean that colours appear brighter and even in overcast, cloudy weather, the scenery is fantastic.

This panoramic shot was created in Canon's PhotoStitch software - part of an excellent software package that comes free with Canon's D-SLR cameras. Since the demise of the wonderful (free!) Rawshooter Essentials I use Canon's Digital Photo Professional all the time as my RAW file converter. It takes some getting used to - you really need to actually sit down and learn it rather than just trying to pick it up as you go along, but once I had got to grips with it I was hugely impressed with how good it is.
The washing machine will be repaired tomorrow, we are told. Marvellous news as, if I am honest, hand-washing Ben's not-so-smalls didn't feature particularly highly on my list of "things to do on holiday"


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