Sunday, 26 June 2011

It's Cardiff time again!

And here we are - a live* post from the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff for the British Speedway Grand Prix, the highlight in the British speedway calendar!

Our seats this time, whilst in the cheapest price bracket, look to be some of the best you could have got, with a front-row view straight down onto the 2nd bend. The noise is starting to build - airhorns are being blown and the press and Emergency teams are in place. Our seats give us a view directly across to the pits as well so anything that goes on over there will be well within reach of the 300mm lens which is sitting in my bag! This us one of the advantages of the current trend for ever better cameras on mobile phones - venues which used to ban cameras simply can't any more!

Just 13 minutes to go now until the action starts!


* or rather, not, as it wouldn't post from inside the stadium!

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