Friday, 30 December 2011

A grey day...

But nice for a potter about on a beach, nonetheless.

We went out to Slapton Sands, a fairly regular spot for us to head to when in Devon, and had a bit of a wander about. The picture above probably doesn't really do justice to just HOW damp and murky it was! Slapton has lots of flat stones ideal for skimming, so while Ben was amusing himself doing that (with a commentary along the lines of "that one did SIX - did you see it?") I decided that what the beach really needed was a mini Calanais Standing Stones so I set to work.

There is something about constructions on beaches - when I was small my Uncle Bob and I (with the aid of Auntie D) used to dig "boats" on beaches, large enough for two to sit in, with benches and everything. More recently Ben and I undertook the construction of a quite sizeable (well, by beach standards!) dam at Tolsta in Lewis. Building things on beaches is fun!

What's even more fun though is that having had a good old wander, skim & build on a windy, rainy beach, we're now back at the house, warm, dry and about to drink tea!


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