Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The last post...

Another shot from our walk on I mentioned one of the things I was doing while we were out was putting the new camera through its paces, and this seemed like a good subject!

There was a new(er) post box just along from this one - it was an interesting contrast to see the two so close together - it wasn't clear why this one was replaced, the new one is substantially larger but it's not an area that I would think gets particularly high usage. There is no question that the old one, when it had it's front on it, would certainly have been a lot more attractive looking..... I wonder, do the Royal Mail even still fit this old fashioned style wall box any more? A quick look at wikipaedia suggests that yes, they do. In fact, a quick look at wiki on this subject could lead to a long time browsing as there is pages of information....interesting things, postboxes (or pillarboxes, or wall boxes.....they have many names too!)

This was the first subject where the camera disappointed a generally seems to be quite good about judging when to use the flash, and then in turn how much flash power a shot needs, but this time it was adamant that it was GOING to use the flash, and it was GOING to use it on full power. For the shot above, I took charge, manually over-rode the flash, and got a far better result, with it handling shadows and brighter areas well. In spite of that small spat, I'm still impressed!


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