Friday, 24 February 2012

Frugal Friday

Good evening! The little chap above was on the lookout for food earlier, and so was I this morning, albeit in a slightly different setting! I had to drop Ben off at the station this morning so as so far as possible I combine journeys to save diesel I decided to call in at the Supermarket for the weekly shop. I shop with a list - always. And I stick to that list - usually! I've realised before that being open minded towards genuine bargains is far more sensible than taking the hard-headed "If it's not on the list, it's not coming in" approach - this morning for example there was the cat food that HRH eats reduced in price (She eats it mixed in with another, cheaper food, which so far she doesn't appear to have noticed - nobody escapes the frugality in this house!) so I grabbed a bag of that, and also some of the fruit & nut bars that we take on holiday with us - also reduced.  Other than that the bulk of my shop was fresh fruit and veg - I buy as much fresh stuff from the "value" ranges as I possibly can - apples for example, the only difference is that the value ones tend to be smaller - other than that it's exactly the same fruit, and this week the value apples were the Russetts than Ben loves so he'll be happy!  It pays to look carefully though - I usually buy value citrus fruit, but this week there was a special offer meaning that the regular mandarins were actually cheaper - I wonder how many people will be fooled into buying the value ones at 30p more?!

 My shopping this week came to £24.50 - of which £6 was the cat food and fruit bars mentioned above. Of the remaining £18.50, just over £8 was in buying stuff to replace things from the storecupboard or larder - so tinned goods, porridge oats, dried fruit etc. The balance was all stuff that will be eaten this week, augmented by the freezers, fridge and storecupboard. I only visit the supermarket once a week too, so there will be no "popping in" midweek for a pint of milk and coming out having spent a tenner!

Of course, having got all the dull shopping out of the way this morning that left this afternoon free for a walk with the camera, and some watching of these little chaps! 



Jenni said...

ooh, we've had long tailed tits in our garden this week too, utterly gorgeous! :)

Robyn said...

They're such cute little things, aren't they, with those round fluffy bodies they always remind me slightly of Tweetie Pie!