Saturday, 10 March 2012

For Today...

Outside my window...It is a dark, clear, evening, with just a faint chill in the air

 I am thinking...about having a whole day to ourselves tomorrow - no "must do's" or "we should's" - just us.

 I am thankful...for kind people who donate hardly used breadmakers to charity shops for me to find, and buy, at just £5.99!

 In the an experimental choc 'n' nut muffin cake - it was a good experiment and the cake is delicious!

 I am wearing...PJ's! Cow-print ones! Moooo!

 I am creating...or at least have plans for creating.....a bag from some fabric scraps I found in the charity shop.

 I am Ipswich Speedways first match of the new season on Thursday night. VERY excited about this - there is nothing like the feeling of anticipation one gets from the first meeting of the season!

 I am wondering...What seeds we might plant tomorrow - our  new mini-greenhouse is ready and waiting!

 I am reading...Real Fast Food - by Nigel Slater. I love his recipes - so simple, yet mouthwateringly tasty to even read about!

 I am hoping...that spring may now be upon us. Walking around earlier on there were daffodils showing their faces everywhere - so pretty!

 I am looking forward to...Lots of things - that speedway meeting, a visit to see a dear friend, and a weekend trip to Barcelona!

 I am learning...about networking for business purposes, and the possibilities thereof. Sounds dull, doesn't it....shhhh! It is, a little!

 Around the a little more washing up than I would ideally like.....

 I am pondering...On what style of bag I could make from my charity shop fabric. Any suggestions?

 A favorite quote for today..."De ja Moo - or the feeling that you have heard this particular kind of Bullsh*t before" (Jane Moore - Love is on the Air)

 One of my favorite things...To Do lists - no greater satisfaction than crossing things off a list!

 A few plans for the rest of the week: three days of work, two days of fun - now THAT is a good work/life balance!

A peek into my day...

This is more of a peek into tomorrow, really. It sums up what I'd like from my day tomorrow - some garden-based pottering, and tea. Lots of tea.


Taken from The Simple Woman's Daybook


dreamer said...

i'm with you on the to do lists :) - and also love Nigel Slater's recipes. Enjoy your garden pottering tomorrow.

Robyn said...

Thanks D! I'm a bit list-obsessed these days - my memory is rubbish so it's the only way I get anything done!

beagleAnnie said...

Hi, I stopped by from Simple Woman's Daybook. Are you a fan of bike racing? I only see on TV, but to watch at the real place must be exciting. Enjoy it!
beagleAnnie from Osaka, Japan

Robyn said...

Hi Annie! I watch Speedway, which is similar to what is known some places as short-track or dirt-track racing. 4 bikes going head to head in four lap races which last around a minute each - REALLY exciting. Google-search "speedway racing UK" to get the idea - you'll find YouTube footage! Thanks for stopping by!

Poohtle said...

We used to go to Ipswich Speedway but watched the cars, we loved the banger races.

Robyn said...

Bangers are still going strong at Foxhall! (Just not on Thursdays...those are speedway nights!)