Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hebrides Countdown 2012

As we're visiting North Uist later this year than we usually do, our usual accommodation isn't available, so we'll be staying somewhere new for the first time since 2007! The first time we went with the self-catering option in 2006 we stayed at Park Cottage...

At Sollas on the west of the island, it was perfect for Ben & I, and his parents who joined us for the week - the co-op was just a short walk up the road, so perfect for those "what shall we have for dinner" moments, and there were some stunning beaches also within an easy walk. It also had the amazing "magic cupboard", which, over the course of the week never failed to yield whatever was required in the way of kitchen utensils etc! The following year when we returned it was just the two of us so something a little smaller was required, and so we made Tigh Alasdair our "Hebrides home"....'s felt like that ever since really- there is something great about knowing before we arrive where we will find everything, and of course the exterior beer-storage facility (aka The Shed!) has been a huge bonus! This year we are staying for our first time at "The Moorings" so it will all be new - which is rather exciting! We do however need to remember to take with us things that we've always taken for granted as 'just being there' at Tigh Alasdair...towels, for a start, as those aren't provided. Much excitement has been generated by the Information that there is a dishwasher, though....!


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