Sunday, 21 October 2012

For Today...


Outside my window...darkness is falling, along with a gentle drizzle.

I am thinking... that as so often happens, I am trying to do too many things at once, and as a result am completing none of them!

I am thankful... that I have some fantastic friends - all of whom can add something of value to a debate or conversation.

In the kitchen... the bread machine will be on shortly, with dough for rolls for our lunches this week.

I am wearing... cow-print PJ bottoms and a warm, cosy fleece which cost me the princely sum of £1 in a charity shop!

 I am creating...This blog post!

 I am going...Absolutely nowhere! It is Sunday evening and I am staying right where I find myself. Warm & cosy.

 I am wondering...Which of my several "jobs-on-the-go" I should go on to next...

 I am reading... "When I heard the Bell" - the story of Britains second-worst peacetime disaster after the Titanic - involving a ship I bet none of you have ever even heard of - the Iolaire.

 I am hoping...for good weather next weekend for my trip down to Devon to see my Mum-In-Law.

 I am looking forward to...My trip down to Devon next weekend to see my Mum-In-Law!

 I am play the clarinet. Again. It would have been easier if I hadn't given it up for the last 30 years.

 Around the's quiet - MrEH is out picking rosehips, sloes and crabapples. The cat is sleeping.

 I am pondering...Whether "pondering" is the same as "wondering", and if so, whether the question 6 above this one, and this one itself, should have the same answer?

 A favorite quote for today...Honestly? I'm not good on quotes. Sometimes one leaps out at me, but only sometimes - I don't have a fund of them handy for every occasion!

 One of my favorite things...The fantastic autumn colour around us at the moment.

 A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, clarinet lesson, fab train journey to Devon.

A peek into my day...

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Love Bears All Things said...

Yum! Fresh baked bread....
Have a fun trip...
Mama Bear

Robyn said...

Yum indeed- one of the best things about the bread machine is being able to wake up to that smell....!
And thank you, I will!