Sunday, 4 November 2012

10 things which make me smile...

In no particular order...

1) Hearing a tube train blow its whistle - on the Central Line, at least, they sound exactly like steam-train whistles!

2) Autumn colour - this one goes hand in hand with the "scrunch scrunch crunch" of dead leaves underfoot.

3) Feeling the nip of cold winter air on your face, and knowing that in just a minute, you will be getting into a lovely warm car and turning the heater up.

4) London - it's my city, where I was born and brought up, and my oh my, did we make a cracking job of the Olympics!

5) A sunny day, my car, a good road and some great music.

6) Her Royal Highness The Cat. 

7) My clarinet. The chap in the music shop said "Oh, you can do better than that one!" but I bought it anyway because to me, it sounded just fine, and in any case, I felt sorry for it.....

8) Climbing into a warm bed on a cold night, with freshly laundered sheets.

9) Boats. From a dinghy to a car ferry, being on water is just fab!

10) This.....


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