Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Getting competitive! (Part 1)

I rarely enter photo competitions, in spite of people regularly telling me that I "should". In part it's the knowledge that actually, put up against people who take time over setting up shots, getting to the location at the crack of dawn to get the right light, and working out all their settings with a technical precision, my stuff is little more than snapshots. Partly though - and, if I'm honest, probably the greater part, is that I simply can't be bothered. Mostly it requires sizing shots precisely, having taken them in the right format in the first place, or worse, getting prints made and sent off - ugh! However, recently I came across an online competition on one of the Hebridean Island sites that even I could muster the enthusiasm for. The rules were basically - upload your pics - one per island across 8 islands, then plug them shamelessly to get folk to "share" the pic. the five with the most "shares" from the site page at the end of the competition will be declared winners. Of course not being up there, with lots of friends and relatives who are using the site regularly, is leaving me at a slight disadvantage - however, what I DO have is you lovely lot - so who fancies giving me a hand? First off though you need to see the shots of course.....I'll share a couple per post over the next little while, and tell you a bit about each one.


One of our favourite walks this - a fairly gentle hill, Rueval is the only real high point on Benbecula but with the rest of the island being fairly low-lying this means it affords some simply amazing views. The path you see winding its way through the picture is another great walk - nice and flat for the most part, with reasonably good footing, and it goes out for miles with great views of all sorts of wildlife as you go - we did one of the local RSPB's "Raptor Walks" out there one evening this year with the lovely Stuart who was great fun and very entertaining. We didn't see many Rapors but it was a nice wander nonetheless.

The link to this one is here: View of Benbecula from Rueval - If you'd like to give it a vote in the competition for me you need to go to the buttons below the pic, and either "share", "Like" or "Tweet" to give it a vote.


This is the rather lovely Princes Strand - said to be the landing place of Bonnie Prince Charlie - Charles Stuart. This shot was taken from a rather convenient viewpoint just along from the ferry terminal. This is one ferry trip that it's WELL worth turning up early for as you can stroll along the road and take a look at one of the most beautiful views on the islands.

The link for this one is here: Princes Strand, Eriskay - and the method is the same as above.

All votes gratefully received, and I hope you like my choice of photos!


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