Tuesday, 14 January 2014

For Today...


Outside my window...It's dark. well I imagine it is, the curtains are snugly pulled against the night.

I am thinking...how satisfying challenge-setting can be. We have several for this year, from our new mortgage target, to doing lots of walking!

I am thankful...for the fact that we have the resources to be able to tackle those challenges.

In the kitchen...There is the lingering smell of dinner - a slow-cooked beef stew using Ox Cheek. Some of the meat has been rescued to be turned into a ragu tomorrow night to have as cannelloni, AND there are leftovers of the stew for the night after, too!

I am wearing...Pyjamas, of course, and a large snuggly fleece. And cosy knitted boot-slippers. It's cold, you know!

I am creating...lists. A list of this year's walks, a list of the birds we've seen this year. I pretty much always have to-do lists on the go too!

I am going...adventuring! Thanks to the East Coast trains ticket sale we have a day trip to York booked, and I'm doing a day trip to Leeds, too. Total cost of all these tickets was just £30!

I am wondering...How much further we can get on our next walking section of the Thames Path - we got all the way from our starting point at Hampton Court to Richmond Bridge on Sunday - very exciting!

I am reading...Nella Last in the 1950's - one of the "Nella Last's Diary" Series, about a lady who kept Mass Observation diaries. The first book "Nella Last's War" was turned into a TV film - "Housewife 49" starring Victoria Wood.

 I am hoping...to keep the cash spent on groceries through February to an absolute minimum. I'll be posting about this challenge on the blog shortly.

I am looking forward to...so many things, this year!

I am learning... that the more you walk, the further you want to go. Who knew?!

Around the house...there  are many books waiting to be read - we got absolutely masses of them for christmas!

I am pondering...Where we need to park the car to do our next stretch of the Lea Valley Walk -we're hoping to do a "Walk out, train back" this time. Maybe sunday...

A favorite quote for today...Not a quote as such, instead the RAF's motto "Per Ardua ad Astra" - Through Struggles to the Stars"

One of my favorite things...Currently, my 50mm lens. Having used it for our long walk on Sunday I'm remembering why I like it so much!

A few plans for the rest of the week: A quick shopping trip, more walking, and hopefully some quiet time.

A peek into my day...This is actually a peek into my Sunday - the very flooded Thames Path just east of Hampton Court - and yes, that is the back of a bench you can see!

This post is of course part of the Simple Woman's daybook which can be found HERE


dreamer said...

Lists, adventures, books and walks - sounds like lots of my kind of fun being pondered :)
A nice little insight into a moment in your life. I have thought about doing one of the day books myself but just never got around to it ...yet :)

Robyn said...

I do them probably three or four times a year - it makes me stop and think, and sometimes that's a good thing!

VintagePretty said...

Hi Robyn,

I just stumbled across your blog and it seems that we share a lot in common - particularly our love of walks and photography! Isn't it nice to rediscover a lens? I did that recently with my aged (and rather temperamental) Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm - a delight to use on my 35mm body.

I don't blame you wanting to stay warm and cosy, though at least it's not as cold as last year! I would definitely like some more sunshine though, it's very grey and damp here!

Anyway, nice to 'meet' you!

Best wishes,

Tash from vintagepretty.org

Scarlet said...

A yummy dinner, pjs and a snuggly fleece sound wonderful.Great deal on the train journeys!

Robyn said...

Hi Tash - my 50mm is one of those lenses that I often seem to take out, but all to often it comes back again without being used. To actually focus on what it can do for a change is fab! Your Zeiss one sounds lovely too - my 40d is a crop-sensor (1.6x) so technically I'm cheating with my 50mm...I'll treat myself to a 35mm one of these days as a "closest equivalent"!
Scarlet - I was delighted with my train journey bargains - especially the Leeds one as it gives me a nice chance to revisit the fantastic market up there!