Sunday, 16 February 2014

For Today...

Joining in again with the Simple Woman's Daybook - I like this, it makes me think, and consider the small stuff. Sometimes we should all try to do that perhaps.

Outside my window...It's Wet, Wet WET! No, not that pop band from the 1980's - but the result of the endless soggy, miserable rainy weather that has been afflicting the UK since before Christmas.

I am thinking...about a planned a couple of days away, photographing RAF jet aircraft with my exciting new Camera lens!

I am thankful...that our home is on high enough ground that we're not affected by the flooding, and that friends and family are in a similar position, thank goodness.

In the kitchen... We've been baking! Flapjacks & muffins get made regularly for weekday breakfasts, and the bread machine has been whirring away making dough for a loaf to eat with soup for an easy tea tomorrow night.

I am gorgeous cosy new teal-coloured fleece top. It's gently fitted so as not to give that "square" appearance that you sometimes get with those, and I just fell in love with the colour!

I am photo albums, mostly! I need to get the last set of Thames path walk photos up - I'm viewing that as a photographic, as well as a walking, project.

I am Lincolnshire for two days, as mentioned above - well, weather permitting, anyway! Two days at RAF bases photographing (hopefully) Typhoons.

I am wondering...What the cause of the extreme weather REALLY is - there are people blaming "Climate Change" and others "Global Warming" but actually, I'm wondering whether in fact it's as simple as something called "Nature". The UK always has gone through changes in its climate - long before we started pumping all manner of chemicals into the air, or burning fossil fuels to the state of their near-extinction, just you ask the dinosaurs, so maybe in fact this is all a little less self-inflicted than we're being made to think?

I am reading...this... Wonky Horizons Blog and similar info on night photography...

I am hoping...that reading that (above) will mean some decent pics...!

I am looking forward to...Meeting a Twitter friend on Tuesday. She's another Aviation Photography fanatic - we seem to have masses in common so it will be lovely to actually come face to face at last!

I am to use my whizzy new 100-400mm lens. It is the very first "pro standard" lens I have ever bought brand new for myself and I'm extremely pleased with it already - it will simplify life this summer for aviation photography, saving me carrying 2 lenses and camera bodies to airshows.

Around the house...MrEH is engrossed in his Newspaper. There is music on, rather than the TV, as we're both doing other things. There is a pile of paperwork awaiting our attention but we're both studiously pretending that's not there.

I am pondering...what on EARTH one is meant to write here.

A favorite quote for today...I'll give you a song lyric, instead -
"Why is this world so full of hate
People dying everywhere
And we destroy what we create
People fighting for their human rights
 But we just go on saying ce'est la vie"
(There must be more to life than this - Freddie Mercury)

One of my favorite things...Currently it's the lens. You'd already guessed that, huh?! 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work and photography, mainly! 

A peek into my day...

Long Tailed Tit at Amwell, Herts. 


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dreamer said...

It really does make you sit back and think what is happening in your life just then. Yours sounds full of fun plans and new toys just now, enjoy!

Robyn said...

Thank you - I fully intend to! :-) I've been best part of 2 years saving for that lens - I certainly intend to make the most of it now I've got it!

Wee Lass said...

Enjoy! You deserve it!

Robyn said...

Thank you! xx