Sunday, 1 June 2014

A wee cruise...!

We've had the decision that this year we're not going to take a trip up to Lewis and Harris while we're here. We do love going up there, but with the return ferry fare for us and the car now coming in at over £80, we've struggled to justify it for the past few years really. This year's increase in fares was really one too many, and we've taken the call that we'll give it a miss for this year. Once RET (Road Equivalent Tariff) is brought in on the inter-island routes we'll happily revert to making  the trip again I'm sure, but that's probably another year at least away yet. We do love the ferry crossing though, so yesterday we decided on the spur of the moment to do the crossing "out and back" as foot passengers - or as the man selling the tickets said "Oh, you're just going for a wee cruise!"

Definitely all about the wildlife this one...the binoculars are in constant use and we're constantly pointing out things to one another. No question about this one though - a nice close pass from a Gannet... for you there Jo! Oddly enough they weren't diving at all today - now that is a fantastic sight to watch! Another bird great to watch is the Tern - although these Common Terns were using a channel marker as a handy bench for a rest...

Its always worth keeping an eye on the markers as a lot of things seem to find them useful - quite often you find the bottoms of them covered in the tiny Black Guillemots. Also out of the water resting were the seals...

They can be seen all around these islands and are always great to watch. they'll often come towards the boat for a closer look too.

More Gannets - resting on the water this time, but all the better to get a really good look at just what strange looking birds they are...

...and finally a couple of Cormorants also making use of a channel marker... you think they realised how good their plumage would look against the red?!


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