Friday, 18 February 2011

An Essex Walk...

I've been looking for a photo to post for a few days now. I was hoping, by now, to have another one from our Photo Challenge as mentioned in a previous post, to use, but although we have our theme (Reflection) and I know exactly the shot I want to take for it, so far the light hasn't been right. Well, it's quite a demanding subject is "reflection"! So, today, with a spirit of "I will post a damned photo today.....grrr!" I started browsing through shots on the hard drive, and, tucked away in a folder called "Essex Walk" was the shot above. I'd had a go at processing it once before by the look of it, but obviously it hadn't quite gone to plan as I'd never finished the job. This attempt however I am happy with - a touch of HDR processing via the excellent Photomatix programme seemed to be the obvious choice for a shot with such naturally rich colours.


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