Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hebrides Countdown.....

This picture illustrates nicely a subject I have touched on before - that of houses getting abandoned as families "upgrade" to the next step on the property ladder. In the foreground just the walls remain of the original blackhouse, whilst beyond that the whitehouse has lost its roof, but a lot of the internal features were still in place. Where these people moved to we have no way of knowing - due to the lack of road access this entire area was dotted with these ruins as people had moved to somewhere more accessible. There is even an old school left to ruins - fascinating stuff.

We've now reached the time of year when thoughts start to turn more and more to our next trip up - lists have started being prepared, new camera memory cards ordered, and a reminder has flashed up on my iPhone this evening that we have to pay the cottage deposit quite soon. Ferry tickets will also need booking - although with only the one operator (Calmac) running ferries to the islands this is the only time in the year I book travel without shopping around for a better price! Our intention is that, as last year, we will travel across from Mallaig on the Scottish mainland to Armadale on Skye on the ferry - slightly more expensive but far more fun than driving all the way around the road - we will after all see Eilean Donan Castle (or Eileen's Doughnut as friends of ours always refer to it!) on the way back, and the ferry ride really feels like we have started the holiday proper even sooner!


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