Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Another Day, Another Sunset...

(written Friday 1st June) One thing that the Western Isles do really well is sunsets - we’ve seen some stunning ones during our visits, and a common theme of a lot of folks’ Hebridean photos is sunsets in a range of different colours. One of our favourites from the times we’ve been here is the one in the site top banner above - hence it getting used both here, and on the main site, as well as in a few other places online! I’ve been collecting more this year though - the one that went along with the photo of "Sanctuary" for the "Favourite Art" post the yesterday, for a start. Then there is this:


I wonder if this is to do with the temperature dropping sharply this evening? It’s been around 18 degrees C all day, but by the time we’d got home this evening the car was showing 10 degrees C, and I suspect it’s a few degrees below that now. It certainly felt damned cold when I popped outside to take that photo for you,anyway!