Friday, 8 June 2012

Another trip nearly over...

It’s Thursday night as I write this - and we’re beginning the task of getting our things together and getting packed up. The more we do tonight and tomorrow morning, the less there will be to do tomorrow night, when we’d rather be heading out for a meal and going to the pub.

We’ve been tremendously fortunate with the weather this year - sunshine every day, and only one day with any amount of rain (although as I write a determined looking cloud is emptying itself outside!). It’s been breezy, at times chilly, but at other times almost still, and plenty warm enough for short sleeves, sandals, and even paddling.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we headed up to Harris & Lewis for a couple of days, taking the tent and finding a campsite to stay on overnight meant that there was none of the rushing around of previous years, when we’ve whizzed up there and back in a day. It also meant that during a slow amble back towards Leverburgh yesterday we had plenty of time for a picnic and a walk at Luskentyre, (above) one of the best beaches in the world. (And that’s official, there have been votes on it, and everything!) Naturally, there was also quite a lot of photo-taking! Here, have another…

I’ll leave it at that for now - there ARE more, and a good number of them may also be getting run through the rather lovely Photomatix Pro HDR programme - it is the ONLY way of recreating the colours and textures we’ve been seeing up here, quite truthfully. Most commonly heard phrase in the car when we’re here? Probably "Oh wow! Look at THAT!" It gets used a lot. I guess looking at the shots above, you just might be able to see why?

If you want any information about travelling to the Hebrides, or want to know anything about the Islands, either check out the tabs above which have various bits of information on them, or failing that, contact me via a comment on here, or the contact form at the main site - there are lots more pictures from previous years trips there, too.


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