Tuesday, 23 July 2013


...is still a bit up in the air round here. Dad's now had his bypass - just today in fact - and it seems that everything has gone well. He'll be in Intensive Care overnight, and they will be moving him to the high dependency unit tomorrow. I'll visit for a short while after work tomorrow - MrEH is coming along as well bless him as I'm somewhat nervous (for which, read "absolutely bloody terrified") of seeing my lovely Dad like that.

Tonight is the first night in nearly three weeks that we have come home from work - as normal - cooked dinner - as normal - eaten at a normal time, and just settled down for a quiet evening, and very welcome it is too. We're expecting that Dad will be in hospital for around another week - he's in the Regional Cardothoracic Centre now which is 25 miles away so quite a journey.

In other news we dashed up to Sheringham for the weekend to go to the North Norfolk Railway beer festival - camping on our usual favourite site with a couple of good friends. It's always a good few days - usually in spite of the weather (and this year was no exception!) and this year was further enhanced by meeting up with a few other pals unexpectedly too. We're hoping to sneak off again this weekend too - Suffolk this time to celebrate my birthday - I do like a nice birthday treat! (And Fish & Chips at Aldeburgh ticks that box nicely!) Will just be Friday evening through to Sunday - we'll be aiming to be back in time to see Dad on Sunday.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon - and I'll try to get back to slightly more regular blogging!



Sara @ A Frugal Wife said...

Good to hear the bypass has went well & I hope you didn't find tonight's visit too upsetting & stressful. I remember what it was like the first time I visited my mum in a similar (but different) situation in hospital and it's terrifying. Love and my thoughts are with you. Sx

Robyn said...

Thanks Sara - he was actually looking far better than we expected he might, albeit with lines in everywhere and still on a little oxygen just to help his levels. It was definitely reassuring to see him looking so well.