Thursday, 26 September 2013

I'm Glad...

...because we're getting a final few days of glorious sunshine before the colder, damper weather closes in.

...because shortly all the trees will be turning to all shades through gold and yellow through to deep red, and our town will, for a few weeks, look like this...

...because we've had a great summer packed with lots of fun stuff - and have lived up to our determination to "get out there and do things" rather than saying "We'll do that, one day"

...because we now have some quieter time coming up, when we can regroup, and get "home things" sorted out.

...because in a "tricky situation" I've had to deal with recently, I've had lots of quiet support and backup from some lovely friends, letting me know that they're aware, and that they're here for me.

...because I've realised, finally and definitely, that I'm comfortable in my own skin, that I don't want to be somebody different, and that if others don't like that, then "Sod Em!" As a very wise friend said "Just be yourself - everyone else is taken!"

...because we have "enough" - we're not rich, nor will we ever be, but we're not poor either. We have sufficient to do the things we want to do. We don't need things to make us happy - we share experiences instead.

...because we have more fun planned for the next few months - a Welliefest-Wedding to attend, rugby matches to play (MrEH) and Photograph (me), a trip to Devon, meetings with fab friends and the final speedway meetings of the season!

A fellow wedding guest...
...because we own our lovely cosy home, and if things go to plan in under five years it will be ALL OURS!

...because I've rediscovered the love of my camera this summer, and I'm looking forward to lots more picture-taking expeditions to come!

...because my Speedway team the "Ipswich Witches" have reached the League cup final AND the play-offs in our league this year. Will any silverware be Suffolk-bound? Who knows?

...because my working days are spent in a place that is - mostly, anyway - fun to be. We work hard, but we share a laugh and a joke too. After a good many years working in a completely different industry, being in an environment with no sniping or internal politics is refreshing in the extreme!

...Because I've rediscovered the pleasure of swimming, and of walking - I may have to commute by car daily but I don't have to commute ALL the way by car! You see interesting things when you're walking...

How about you - what are YOU glad about today?



Scarlet said...

I'm glad that KL has settled in at uni and made friends, that her boyfriend has sorted his issues with Student Finance and has been able to return for his final year, that we have sunny weather again, that my girls get on well together, that we saw K and A at the weekend (twice!, that they live very close to KL, that I found the perfect table and chairs at auction for K and A's Christmas present, that I barely need to buy any groceries during this pay period, that the garden and allotment are still producing vegetables, and the thing I'm most glad about is that we're happy and love each other.

Robyn said...

That's a cracking list of things to be glad about! xx

Fay said...

I'm glad that I made it to over 19K steps! I'm glad I know you and so happy you're coming to wellyfest :) And so lovely to spot a furry fiend on your blog - what a lovely photo.


Robyn said...

Thought you'd like the fiend making an appearance Fay - looking forward to seeing you REALLY SOON! xx