Wednesday, 18 September 2013


As my pals will tell you, I like a good list. Shopping lists, Things to do lists, Ta Da! Lists (those are like "To Do" lists only the opposite - you list the things you've already done so you can say "Ta Da!") Packing lists....if it came be written in list form, the chances are I will already have done so. One of my favourite lists though is one I first thought to write down at the end of 2011 - and is now a work in progress as we work through it:

Places to go and things to do...

1) The Lake District 
2) The Peak District
3) Go back to the Farne Islands to photograph the puffins again. 
4) Go back to Donna Nook to photograph the seals again
5) Go back to Dublin
6) Belfast
7) Spend more time exploring the bits of Cornwall we've not yet seen
8) Glastonbury - The tor and village, not the festival! 
8) Do a trip on the Settle to Carlisle railway in better weather!
9) Northumberland
10) Ardnamurchan Point
11) Dunnet Head (I've been there, Ben hasn't)
12) Lowestoft (Bizarrely Ben's never been there, either!) - We've both been to The Lizard already
13) Arran
14) Islay
15) Blackpool! (Yes, really, I've never been, but LOVE tacky seaside places!)
16) Anthony Gormley's Another Place - Crosby
17) Visit to the Red Arrows at RAF Scampton  
18) Orkney! 
19) Re-visit the National Railway Museum at York
20) Make a short visit to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
21) This one is for 2013 - get to an Airshow where the Vulcan is flying. Last chance to see her airborne.

Some of these have already been ticked off - the Lake district for example - we camped there over Easter 2012...

And the Farne Islands of course - fantastic place and we'll without question go back again...

...even though we did end up with just as many pictures of seals & Terns, as Puffins!

A month after that we found our way to Glastonbury village & Tor - a wonderful place which we loved. The weather could have been better though so that one might well get revisited!

A visit to RAF Scampton is not going to be on the cards now - it seems that they have decided that even though the Reds will remain housed there for the forseeable future, organised tours are not going to be reinstated. I did love my trip up to watch a practise though, and am planning more of the same!

On the subject of places we've been and loved - ORKNEY! Thanks to fabulous Fay a return trip is being planned there, too....same time next year probably!

Last but not least is the amazing Vulcan of course - although the urgency went out of this one to a degree when it was announced that they were hopeful of getting the funds in place to extend her flying time, we decided in any case we both wanted to see her so see her we would! In fact I've now had that pleasure twice - and she doesn't get any the less noisy!

I wonder how much more of our list we can get ticked off - or, come to that, how many more things we'll manage to add to it?!

Are you a list person? Maybe you have a traditional "Bucket list", or something a bit different. like us? I'd love to hear about your plans, anyway! (Nosy, that's me!)



dreamer said...

Another life long list maker here :)
There is nothing quite so satisfying as striking through lines of stuff on a to do list, and even simple lists of daily tasks help things to get done quicker.
I must be getting boring in my old age as my "bucket list" is looking a bit uninspired - maybe I need to sit down and have a good think of things I would like to do. Maybe it is because I am content where I am in life just now, but it is so easy to get stuck in a rut so I really should think of something to aim for. Thanks for the kick up the bum :)

Pat Machin said...

We do seem to like the same things! The Vulcan is the absolutely most majestic plane ever built, in my opinion!

As for lists, I make so many I sometimes have to make a list of my lists. :-)

Robyn said...

Dreamer, if it's things that you want to do, then it won't be boring to YOU, I bet! It's one reason why I've shied away from a traditional style "Bucket list" - as I have no wish to skydive, go on a safari, fly a plane or swim with sharks, and it's all these sorts of things that we're "supposed" to want to do, isn't it?!
Pat - I was blown away by the Vulcan - and sheer emotion is engenders in people too - there were grown men near me at Clacton with tears in their eyes at the end!

Scarlet said...

I only ever seem to make lists of stuff to pack when we go on holiday, which means listmaking is a rare event here!

Robyn said...

*coughs* Errr....yes, I have lists for that, too!

Pat Machin said...

Forgot to say that there is a non-flying Vulcan at the air museum in Norwich. It is next to the airport and we found it by accident. You can go on board! :-)

Robyn said...

How fantastic Pat! it has to be said that I was over the moon to get up close to the Concorde at Duxford - made my day, that did!