Sunday, 20 October 2013


This weekend we will be "Up North" attending the wedding of a very special friend - some of you may have read about it on another blog - it's codenamed Welliefest! Kudos to this lady and her fiance, they've organised the wedding THEY want, at a price they're happy with, and they've made it into a properly eco-friendly non-throwaway event too. We're extremely happy to be up there celebrating it with them.

"Everyone loves a good wedding" is the phrase isn't it - and while I'm sure there are a fair number of grumpsters out there ready to say "well I don't!" for the most part it's true - if you're walking past the local Register office on a saturday afternoon and a bride & groom are just emerging, most of us are going to stop to look, and say "Ahhh!". We've been lucky to attend a few over the years, and each and every one has been special in its own way. There was our own, of course....

I think the smiles say it all, really!

My youngest cousin married in 2007 - and this was when I first twigged that an album of candid photographs captured on the day made a great wedding present for someone. One of the things we were most grateful for from our own wedding was the number of people who got additional copies made of their photos (pre the ease of digital of course). Sometimes when you're standing to the side, watching the formal stuff going on, you can get the shots that the official photographer simply can't be in the right place for...

I've been to a "welliefest" type wedding before - although the couple concerned (MrEH's brother & his wife) didn't bill it as such (personally I think they missed a trick there) and that too provided some great options for those candid shots - we did a small photobook for my Parents-in-Law from that one as well as the main one for the couple themselves.

Looking forward to coming back with many more wellie-related shots from the weekend - and most importantly, Fay & Mr F, we wish you all the very best for not only today, but for the rest of your lives together. Love you both! xx



Anonymous said...

Robyn you look gorgeous on your wedding day. I love your dress.
We were also grateful for all those who offered copies of their photos when we got married. As you say guests capture a whole different view and it is so lovely to see what you may have missed.
Can't wait to see you at wellyfest. I've a feeling it's going to be a good one ;)

Scarlet said...

You're right - the smiles do say it all - you both look wonderful, and so very happy.
I hope you've had a wonderful wedding weekend!
The photography at K and A's wedding was very important to them - I think most couples use the hotel photographer, but K researched others on the island and found the one that they used. He was wonderful and captured not just the ' posed' shots but natural ones too - he was very aware of what was going on at all times. I don't know if that kind of thing happens over here, but it certainly gave another dimension to the photography. He was with us for 7 hours, so he took before, during and after photographs, including 3 hours at the reception. He also took the ' Trash the dress' shots the following morning, and they have over 700 photos taken by him, along with hundreds more taken by guests!

Wee Lass said...

Lady you're so gorgeous and have a knack of making even the most compost of us lovley looking too. So pleased you made it to ours!

Pleasure to have you attend and very kindly take photos of not just us but the ongoing loving handmade job of everything around us! (obviously the food too)

:) and what a gorgeous job you've done of the photos.


Robyn said...

N - thank you for your lovely comments - I LOVED my dress, and the top has been worn again since, too! Wellyfest was ace, eh!
Scarlet - the more the photographer can get a feel for the type of wedding, and the guests, the better the pics are as a rule I think. we were fortunate - the lovely chap who took ours was someone I'd known for years, and just happened to be a professional wedding photographer!
Wee lass you were very welcome indeed - I'm glad you were pleased with the pics! xx

Wendy said...

What a lovely photo of you on your wedding day, Robyn. You looked wonderful and with such a beautiful dress.
We were sent lots of informal photos too, from our wedding. We love them!

Wendy said...

What a lovely photo of you on your wedding day, Robyn. You looked wonderful and with such a beautiful dress.
We were sent lots of informal photos too, from our wedding. We love them!

Robyn said...

Wendy thank you - I think that putting the "extra" pics into the albums was one of the nicest things too - great to have all those reminders after the initial buzz had worn off!