Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hebrides Countdown...

Speaking with a friend recently about our lengthy journeys to and from various bits of Scotland (specifically the 18 hour marathon back from Orkney last week) she said "Ooh - for a journey that length I'd want a lovely beach I could just sit on in the sunshine...!" - it made me smile a bit. While we're really not "beach-sitters" - rather more beach-combers, beach walkers or beach paddlers, our trips to the Hebrides are punctuated on almost a daily basis with the most beautiful beaches you can imagine..and the best thing? We often have them to ourselves, too! If you look carefully in that pic you can just see one other person way off in the distance, but any more than 4 or 5 others on the same beach up there and you tend to think you'll walk along a bit to the next stretch of white sand - after all you need to give folks their space - it wouldn't do to be crowded, would it?

So while others can jet off to exotic locations, we'll be enjoying beaches like the one above, at Grenitote, North Uist. We'll be staying just under a mile walk from the west coast of the island this year so beaches not unlike this will be an easy stroll away. While I can entirely understand that this sort of holiday isn't to everyone's taste, if I'm honest, the thought of a holiday which mainly revolves around sitting on a beach roasting in the sun bores me to tears. Still, the more people jetting off for just those sorts of holidays, the quieter our Hebridean beaches will stay!


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