Friday, 30 May 2014

A changed view, and plants that eat things!

A fairly short post today* as we’re not long in from quite a long day and I want a sit down, a beer, and my bed!  We started the day off heading south – we needed to be on South Uist this evening for the “Bird of Prey” walk so it seemed logical to make a day of it down that way. I mentioned the works being done for the new ferry terminal at Lochboisdale, and one thing we did want to do was climb the hill that overlooks the bay there to get a real overview of how far they’ve got.

All the  bits you see in the shot above between the two islands – one to the left and the other to the right of the frame – are all new, the causeways linking the several islands that will be used to reach the new terminal. It’s certainly going to look very different once the works are all complete!

On the walk we were on yesterday morning Jamie mentioned the three different carnivorous plants that can be found here, and by chance MrEH remembered to look them up in the wildlife book this morning. This had the result that when we spotted this…

…he knew that it was Butterwort. Those slightly odd looking leaves are sticky and will trap any insect foolish enough to venture into them. A little further along we saw this…

…which turns out to be Sundew – another carnivorous plant, albeit one that looks slightly more familiar as such.  Back on more familiar botanical territory, the yellow Flag Iris is gradually coming into bloom now…fingers crossed we’ll see it in its full glory before we have to leave!


*Typed Thursday PM but posted later as the “3” signal went down on this Island.

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