Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A is For...

I confess, I usually run like the plague from those themed blog things - it's not that I don't want to join in, it's that I know I'll get so far with it, and then forget, and the it'll all be spoilt and everyone will hate me. Well no, not really. It's really that I'll get so far with it and then forget, and then I'll feel like I've failed.  Well you know what - who cares? A good friend of mine has just got to grips with embarking on something she's been thinking about for ages. Years pretty much. And she finally confronted her demons over that whole "expectations" thing - what will other people think, what will people say know the ones. So this, on a smaller scale, is ME confronting MINE.

So - the idea - it's called the Alphabet Photography Project and has been started by Podcast - you'll find their "A" on that link. Which scuppered me for a moment, as my first thought was an "abandoned" picture too. I'm sure there's no rules against me choosing the same, but no, I wanted mine to be something different to any others I'd seen - it would have felt like cheating otherwise. I also wondered if it's possible to so far as possible make my posts on this theme about things that for whatever reason make me happy. That sort of links in with #100DaysHappy - another thing I've not joined in with.

So.....A - is for Aquilegia.

Beautiful, delicate flowers, coming in all manner of colours - I love them and when I see one for sale, in full bloom, I can rarely resist  buying it. As a result, our little strip of flower garden is full of the things - which, at this time of year, makes me smile each and every time I go out there. Now that's GOT to be a good thing, hasn't it!



Anonymous said...

Good on you for confronting your own demons! :) 'Who cares?' indeed - my new mantra :)

(and a beautiful picture, by the way! I really must read my camera manual, I'm sure it can do much more than I'm letting it!)

Scarlet said...

Ah yes, demons. Battling some of my own at the moment, but I'm determined to beat them - again. That is a stunning photo Robyn- absolutely beautiful.

Marksgran said...

I love your Aquilegia I have many in my garden too. I look forward to the rest! Demons beware! x

Robyn said...

Cheery - thank you - GREAT mantra! If your camera has a "Macro" setting on it I suspect you'd enjoy playing with that a LOT.
Scarlet - good luck with your demons as well, it is silly that we sometimes let them win isn't it.
Marksgran - I'm already wondering what I can come up with for "B" - it might be earlier than a week away too as I'd like to catch up!

Anonymous said...

I do attempt those themed blog things and I do get so far and then forget and feel like I've failed! Ah well!

Love this idea though. You take such lovely photos that I'll be looking forward to these posts. But then I always look forward to your posts :D