Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hebrides Countdown...

Well yes, it appears to be that time of year again! Thoroughly looking forward to going back - having only been there a few months ago hasn't dampened enthusiasm in the slightest!

We're staying in the same place as last year, the familiarity is good on several levels - firstly knowing your way around a place means you don't waste time on settling in, working out where to put things, where to find other things and how to work a further set of things. Secondly we loved where we were last year - the location was great and being within walking distance of a rather fine beach was just superb. We spend a fair bit of time around the West of the island, so staying on that side actually makes a lot more sense for us. Add to that the fact that we've actually saved money on the places we stayed previously, and it really is a win-win situation!


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