Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hebrides Countdown 2015...

It's creeping up on us now. It always does to a degree, but with having only been over there a few months ago this year it seems to be more than usual. Oddly enough we found that this happened when we were getting ready to go at New Year, too!

I'm undecided as to what I'm going to do as far as blogging while I'm there goes this year - while I do enjoy doing it, a sporadic internet connection can make it a bit tricky at times, and I'm veering towards probably only doing very simple posts this year - a photo or two and a brief description, probably.  I will be posting pics on Instagram & Twitter though - links to my accounts there are over on the right hand side. The internet connection over there gets ever better - those with fixed broadband are now reporting something close to the kinds of speeds you can get on a standard connection on the mainland, albeit generally at a higher cost. Connecting via a dongle though tends to rely on a direct line to the mast and the wind being in the right direction...and any sort of mobile internet connection on the phone is pretty much a dead loss.


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