Sunday, 3 May 2015

We're here!

I...having arrived on the ferry on Friday evening, a little later than planned due to delays but after an uneventful journey. All good. We're back staying in the same place on North Uist as last year having decided it suited us to be within walking distance of a beach...this beach... be exact. And as regular followers will be unsurprised to hear that is exactly where we ended up on Saturday afternoon having unpacked and settled in to the cottage. (For those new to this blog there is a long standing tradition of a "first day beach"). It was astonishingly clear - so much so that St Kilda was clearly visible on the horizon - we'd already had a good view of it from Cleattraval earlier... 

...but seeing it from down at beach level was unusual enough to make us take notice. 

The other reason we love "our" beach so much is that you can find these...

...pretty, aren't they! 


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Scarlet said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely. Have a fabulous time!