Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hebrides Countdown 2013...

It's that time of year again! With all the snow and ice there has been about this winter I thought this shot was quite appropriate, had we been travelling up at our old time of Easter we'd have been concerned about the possibility of having another drive up like the one in 2006, when this shot was taken. This was the first time we had taken the car up, and taking advice we headed up the M6 on the Friday afternoon on our way to our planned overnight stop at Glasgow. The advice proved very poor indeed as we hit appalling traffic caused by roadworks seemingly every 25 miles or so, eventually arriving at our booked Travelodge after 11.30pm.  On getting up the following morning Ben started the driving - at that stage he was still relatively inexperienced behind the wheel so our plan was for him to drive the first bit out of Glasgow, and for me to take over before we reached the tricky bit of the A82...it wasn't to be though as within a short time we encountered heavy snow which had fallen overnight and it became impossible for us to find anywhere to pull over to change drivers and he ended up having to drive for far further than we intended in very difficult conditions!

Since that year we have always elected to use the M11, A1 and A66 to reduce the amount of M6 we have to cover to an absolute minimum, and thankfully have never since encountered such heavy snowfalls either!


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