Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hebrides Countdown 2013...

This is the view across to Lochboisdale from North Glendale - one of our favourite short walk/climbs. An easy plod up a small hill gets this lovely view - and we'll be getting a better view of Lochboisdale this year too as this is where we will be departing from at the end of the trip, heading back to Oban on one of calMac's longest crossings.

We've started chatting about the various walks we fancy doing - MrEH is still banging on about climbing Eaval but you can rest assured that you will NOT be reading about that one - well, not from my perspective anyway! We quite fancy doing it's small humpy next door neighbour - Burrival - again though, we thoroughly enjoyed that one last year. We both quite fancy having a go at South Lee - we climbed North a few years ago and the views are just astonishing, made even more special by timing it so that the ferry was just coming in at Lochmaddy as we reached the top, gaining me some really unusual shots which have gained lots of approving comment on every website they have been posted on! That one relies on the right sort of weather though - fairly cool, as there is a long walk-in which can leave you tired before even reaching the base of the hill itself! As ever, the planning is half of the fun - we may end up doing all, some, or none of these this year, we'll see!



Scarlet said...

J loves the planning element of things. I'm sure whatever walks you decide to do they will be wonderful, as will your photographic record of them!

Wendy said...

The walks and views sound fabulous. Planning is fun when there is so much to look forward to.

Sara @ A Frugal Wife said...

One word jumped out at me as soon as I saw this post - 'Glendale' - and then I got all confused from the picture. My husband is from Glendale (that would be the Glendale in Skye, not Uist)and a place we've visited a few times.

I finding planning as much fun as the holiday!

Robyn said...

Scarlet - we do love a good planning session I must admit! Having been so many times now though there is less & less to plan, each time!
Wendy - you're right - planning for fun stuff is always good!
Sara - I can imagine your confusion! We've done a bit of exploring on Skye, but it tends to be somewhere we pass through (right through - Armadale to Uig!) rather than get the chance for a lot of stopping and looking about.