Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hebrides Countdown 2013...

Here's MrEH peering through a camera at Kilpheder, South Uist, on our 2009 trip. We're pretty much always equipped with binoculars and cameras while we are up in the Hebrides, so it's surprising that there aren't more shots like this one really, of one or the other of us! You can see the beautiful sweep of the beach too - this white sand stretches most of the way up the western side of the islands and it's fairly rare to find more than one, or at most a couple of other folk on whichever beach you choose. One of HRH Prince Charles favourite places is apparently West Beach on the island of Berneray - I'm not in the least surprised either, he's clearly a chap of excellent taste as it's been one of our favourite haunts for years too. We usually try to get a beach walk in as soon after arrival as possible, that moment of standing on a deserted expanse of sand, listening to nothing other than the sounds of the various birds that see it as home, and the crashing of the waves...and two weeks ahead of us of peace and tranquility.



Sara @ A Frugal Wife said...

Sounds perfect!

When do you make your trip up to the Hebrides?

Robyn said...

A few weeks to go yet Sara - I don't stick exact dates on here in advance for obvious reasons, but I'll be updating from there once we're away too!