Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A beachy adventure with cheery folk!

Well, last weekend I headed off down to Brighton to met up with some lovely folk. Some you may know - Fay for example, and Jenni, and some you may not but cheery they all were for sure, and a good time was had by all. There was beach-wandering, and piers (Some live, some dead)

There was also tea and cake, and ice cream, and a delicious and very Brighton wholefood takeaway lunch, and pizza, as someone else said, the day sometimes seemed like eating, punctuated occasionally by a wander around! 

There was even paddling....well by some people anyway - mainly those with matching toenails!

Now, the bizarre thing about the group of us who met up down there was that a lot of us had never met before, and yet we all know one another really well. We met on the internet in the first place - initially when we were all involved with the forum offshoot of a very well known website, before "breaking away" with five others to form our very own offshoot of the offshoot, as it were. That was well over a year ago, and while most people from the group have met at least one other, this was the first time that any number of us have got together in the same place. Internet friendships are getting more and more common these days - a few years ago most people would have died sooner than admit that they'd actually met anyone they considered a friend that way, now though I would suggest that the majority of people have at least one friend who they have met remotely. Certainly the dynamic last weekend proved that such friendships can work really well - in fact we're already talking about when the next meet-up might be, and those who couldn't make it this time have sworn their determination to make the next!



wendz said...

I met my husband on my blog. (A previous blog I wrote when I lived in France.) He was one of my readers/commenters and we clicked (literally, haha) and Bob's your uncle when we finally met in person it was the real deal.

I also made some good friends through that blog and we met up from time to time, but sadly we've lost touch now - I suppose I'm the one who has changed - not the same as I used to be in France so we lost that link we had in common.

I love Brighton and the food there is simply wonderful. Which place did you get your wholefood lunch from?

Robyn said...

Sorry Wendz, only just seen your comment. It was...ummm, a place just off North Street I think.. Can't remember the name but it was a tiny shop doing takeaway or eat in - takeaway was charged by the 120g portion I think it was. Delicious!
Love the story about you meeting your husband via your old blog - that's just fantastic!