Wednesday, 9 May 2012

For Today...

I decided it was time to revisit the Simple Woman's Daybook - this is an exercise I like to do occasionally, it's a chance to stop, to reflect, to revisit.

 Outside my window...It's very nearly dark. The sky is an inky blue with just a hint of light left in it.

 I am thinking...of the jobs I need to do before bed tonight - a load of washing to the machine, and a quick clean round of the kitchen

 I am thankful...that there are no demands on my time this evening, other than those few jobs. Some TV, some internet browsing, some time for me.

 In the needs a clean! Aargh!

 I am wearing...comfy jeans. You can;t beat a pair of comfy jeans - you know, the ones you've had forever, so they fit just right.....

 I am creating...I have created, this time - my new website, which went live yesterday - it was a lot of work but I'm very pleased with the result.

 I am meet with some lovely friends in Brighton this weekend - there will be wandering, and tea, and cake, and exciting!

 I am wondering...what the weather will be like for our trip to the Hebrides, they've had far better weather than we have down here for the past little while....we're hoping that's not going to change before we get there!

 I am reading...City Girl by Patricia Scanlon. Unashamed chick-lit!

 I am hoping...for a good weekend, some sunshine would be nice!

 I am looking forward to...Brighton! Cake! Lovely company!

 I am to darn socks effectively.

 Around the house...HRH The Cat is looking for trouble - uh-oh!

 I am pondering...the best way to make a case for my iPad.

 A favorite quote for today...If you don't climb, you can't fall, but then you never get to see the view.

 One of my favorite wedding ring - as seen in the photo below. We've been married 12 years this year, time's just flown!

 A few plans for the rest of the week: Some work, some fun, some tea, some cake, and possibly some darning.


wendz said...

Just had a browse through your Hebridean 2010 photos - they are beautiful! The birds, especially, are delightful. I love the one of the bird perched on barbed wire.

And congratulations on 12 years of marriage - I think that is a major achievement.

As for iPad covers...I have made a few but am not happy with the basic pattern I used. I would like to make something better and am thinking about it - like you. I've used a simple elastic loop and button closure but want something more elegant - more polished. And definitely not velcro. And not a small centre tab either. Maybe a full flap, or maybe a zip? Hmmm.

Have a good time in Brighton - I am popping over there today for some errands - hope you have decent weather - we went a week ago and it poured - was foul. But still, Brighton rocks. :)

Pat Machin said...

I love the new site!

Robyn said...

Thank you so much both of you! I enjoy taking the picture so much, it's lovely to think of others enjoying looking at them too!
Wendz - I'm planning on doing a straight fabric "envelope" I think - I have fleece to line it with and was considering an elastic closure of some kind. Love the iPad so just want something protective for it! I need to get to grips with getting the sewing machine out and getting it sorted!