Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hebrides Countdown 2012

Quite topical this photo. This was taken on our first evening on North Uist a few years ago - we'd gone for our usual first night stroll down to the roadend, and as we turned to come back the sun was just setting. As we walked, and watched, it got steadily more and more dramatic until it looked as you see above. The cottage you can see the silhouette of on the horizon is Tigh Alasdair - where we usually stay.

Sunsets in the Western Isles are often stunning - with no trees or tall buildings to get in the way you have no problem seeing them either - I have quite a collection of sunset photos from various years trips! This remains the favourite though.

It's topical because as well as being the top banner for this blog - it is about to be the top banner for my new website as well! If all the testing goes smoothly then the new site should be launching next week - keep an eye out here and follow @EssexHebridean on Twitter to find out exactly when. Once the site has launched you will see a different address being used in links to this blog, too - as the site and the blog will be linked together and should look pretty similar in style.


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