Monday, 11 January 2021

An active start...

Netteswell Pond

 Today’s been quite busy! After nearly 9 months of furlough it was already getting increasingly difficult to fill the days, and this is even more tricky now we’re under lockdown rules again. Early in the pandemic there were household jobs to be done, odd jobs to be done on the balcony, and of course for a good part of the first lockdown MrEH was on a 3 days week too - it’s always easier filling the time when you have someone else to fill it with! 

This morning started as usual with a walk - we go via either the newsagents or the petrol station so MrEH can nip in and get his paper, and then continue with a walk of 3-4 miles depending on how much time we have. This morning we got out slightly earlier than normal and it was 4 miles on the button - including a wander round the pond (above) where we were delighted to see a pair of Cormorants drying their wings! We got back to home,  MrEH headed for his desk via the kitchen for his second cup of coffee of the morning, and I grabbed my backpack and an additional shopping bag and headed for Aldi. After some really bad experiences with our local store before Christmas I faced the prospect with quite a bit of trepidation I confess - it was bad enough in there when our case numbers were that much lower, in between pre-pandemic numbers of customers in store making it close to impossible to maintain any sort of distancing, combined with staff who had clearly been told by management that they needed to revert to treating customers as before, asking them to close gaps at the checkout etc. Now, with our numbers locally amongst the very worst in the country, it felt like a far from safe place to go! Thankfully and probably mostly down to lockdown, it was quiet. No queue to get in, and very few customers in the store. I whizzed round, got the items on both my and Mum’s lists, and was out again in 15 minutes and walking back home. 

2 different activities ticked off before breakfast - not bad! Later in the morning I added 2 more as well - firstly my next Alice Liveing challenge workout - another lower body session, which I’m hoping won’t leave me as sore as last weeks! Then a yoga session from the Yoga with Adriene 30 day challenge - I’m still struggling with her rather, and she entirely lost me this morning with what she described as a “breathing technique” and anyone else in the non-woo world would call hyperventilating! 

The rest of the day quietened down a bit - lunch, then a quick dash over to Mum and Dad’s to drop off their shopping and a quick doorstep catch-up with Mum, then home to get a few household jobs dealt with. Sadly today is highly likely to be the busiest day of my week too - there are no other errands to be run this week now, and initially at least I still won’t be running, although my foot feels a lot better today so fingers crossed I’ll be able to incorporate at least some short distances by the end of the week. Cross your fingers for me!


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