Friday, 8 January 2021

This week....


The week started of course with our trip back from the Hebrides - a 17 hour door to door epic from cottage to ferry to home. Would have been better without the liberal applications of ice that the roads in both South Uist and the Highlands had gained, but ran reasonably smoothly. 

Obviously the big news of the week is being back in Lockdown. Not in any way a surprise, but still a big blow to deal with at the start of the week. In some ways it’s almost a relief - numbers are completely out of control here. It now actually feels as though the majority of people round here are taking things seriously - which is a relief as that was definitely not the case when we went away! 

I’ve managed a fair amount of walking - my monthly total so far stands at 41 miles which is decent for 8 days in. I’m still hoping to be able to add some running but right now that’s looking less than hopeful. I’ve also started the Alice Liveing challenge as planned - with a lower body workout on Tuesday and upper body on Wednesday. As of now my muscles are still screaming and there was no chance of me doing any more this week! Next week will hopefully be better! I’m also 4 days in to the Yoga With Adriene challenge - It really is all a bit “woo” for my tastes, but I’m hanging in there! 

I’ve probably made the most progress this week in remembering to treat myself kindly. I’ve spent some time journaling - talking through on paper a situation that has been ongoing for a few years, and that I am now able to draw to a conclusion. It’s something that has proved that I was right to trust my instincts - something which I often doubt. I’ve let go of the idea that I need to be being productive and busy all the time - that’s simply not a practical aim after 10 months of this, and setting stupidly high expectations and then being disappointed when I didn’t (couldn’t) meet them was contributing to the mounting stress and anxiety I was feeling before Christmas. 

Tomorrow we’ll be putting together our meal plan for next week - aiming to make a good impact on the freezer levels. Food this week has been mostly to plan aside from a pasta bake taking the place of Bolognese last night - it served to use up lots of the cheap veg we got at the weekend and was entirely delicious! 

So far, so good! Let’s see what the next week brings!


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