Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Missions underway...


Completely unrelated Highland sunset...

2021 missions have started off with intent. 25 miles walking done so far this month - I’ll be aiming to increase that daily average a bit yet but that’s a decent enough start. I’ve also done a strength workout and a yoga session today (albeit the yoga overran on the timings I was expecting which meant poor MrEH got his lunch break delayed by 10 minutes - oops!) My rough plan is to make tomorrow another workout/yoga day, with a similar amount of walking to today, then Thursday will be increased walking but no strength work - I suspect I might be aching by then! I’ll still be planning to fit some yoga or mobility work in though. Friday will be back to strength work again. Weekends will mostly feature walking and some stretching but no actual workouts - on the days MrEH isn’t working I’d rather focus on spending quality time with him. 

The mission to start eating our way through the freezers will take a bit of time to gain momentum as this week’s food was already planned before we came up with that one, but I have decided to also expand that to include using up other odds and ends as well - tonight’s stir-fry used the last spoonful out of a jar of Spicy Malaysian Relish. The meal plan will in itself also attack the freezers - liver and onions one night, spaghetti Bologna’s another, a fry up on Friday night (partly to use up the last of the Stornoway black pudding bought while we were away) very likely some fruit purée will come out to add to a rice pudding or perhaps turn into a crumble one day over the weekend... I like this kind of meal planning - it forces me to stop and think, and to be more inventive. Ironically enough if it facilitates the purchase of a whole lamb then that will do exactly the same as I come up with ideas to use the various different cuts, not to mention the various bits of offal. I enjoy these sorts of challenges as regular readers will know! Later this week I’ll start planning what we’ll be eating next week - and that is when the impact will really start being made. 

We’ve now had confirmed that we’re going to be in Lockdown until at least mid February, and realistically probably the beginning of March. The only thing I have in my diary in all that time is that I have been called for Jury Service again - which I’m actually rather looking forward to. I was called before in 2007 - served and really enjoyed my two weeks and then got called back for a further week which I served at the Coroners Court - which was incredibly traumatic. I’d be very reluctant to do that again although my understanding is that having done it once, they are very much open to you asking politely not to be sent there again. I’m currently summonsed to report to the Crown Court as before anyway - although I suspect the experience may be rather different this time round. 


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