Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Thoughts for the day...

 Today...has been grey and drizzly all day. It was damp while I was walking this morning, damp throughout the day, and as far as I know still damp now. It’s been a day for snuggly, cosy winter jumpers, copious cups of tea, and p quite handily, considering lockdown, for staying indoors. 

I’m being inspired by... thoughts of Indian cooking following listening to a BBC Good Food podcast this morning. It was an entire 40+ minutes on the subject of Keema Pav - a spiced minced lamb dish served with soft, buttery Indian bread rolls. The lady who was enthusing about it was so descriptive about the flavours, textures and the spices involved that even while still listening my head was whirring with thoughts about similar types of dishes I could cook. Planning needed, I think! 

I’m feeling nostalgic about... The good old days of photo albums - or indeed the slightly more up to date equivalent of photo books. When we had our big decluttering session at the end of 2019/early 2020 we pulled all the various albums and books together and stored them in the same place so we knew where everything was, and inevitably that also lead to much looking through them and reflecting on old memories. I’ve got albums from my early days of vaguely serious photography when my main subject was speedway. Albums of shots taken at concerts. Albums of pictures from myself and MrEH’s first few years together including early visits to the Hebrides, and later photo books of Hebridean adventuring too. It’s been a fair few years since I put together a photo book though - in fact the last time would be my Red Arrows project “#CircusAtWork” from 2014 I think. It’s probably high time I did another one, isn’t it! 

Right now I’m loving... Multi-use headbands! Basically a tube of fabric with oh-so-many different uses. I use them while running in the winter as a headband to avoid the painful cold ears I get otherwise. They can be used as a hat, in place of a scrunchie for holding back a ponytail, as a scarf, and, relevantly at the moment, as a face covering. To my delight and after a bit of mind-over-matter and working up from very short times I have discovered that even I can cope with wearing one of these little beauties over my mouth  and nose while the air is cooler as it is at this time of year. So far I have managed in every situation I’ve tried it out in, although there have been a few panicky moments, and my hope is that I might be able to get myself comfortable enough with wearing a covering that by the time the weather starts warming up, I’ll be able to continue doing so rather than returning to my face shields. 

Something small, but productive... some time this afternoon cleaning up my email account. Junk Mail folder checked, repeated nuisance domains blocked, any obvious scams reported. Also a review of my inbox - unsubscribing from a few bits I am no longer interested in, which should reduce the amount of traffic in. This time round was half an hour or so, but 5 minutes each time I log in should do the trick from now on. 

How’s things been for you today? Feel free to use my Thoughts for the Day prompts on your own blog with a link back to here, and post in the comments to let me know so I can read your post too! 


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