Saturday, 9 January 2021

Weekly planning for the freezer challenge...

Resident of Loch Skipport - South Uist. 

So - we have a meal plan!  This is a key part of our “eating down the freezers” challenge - although I meal plan most weeks anyway. The plan was written this morning - and also fed into the writing of a shopping list, we shopped this afternoon on the way back from our daily exercise. Because of the point at which the plan was written it includes today’s meals as well. 

Saturday: scrambled eggs and toast for lunch - using up the last of the big box of free range eggs we bought for 22p last weekend. They were on the very end of their date today so it seemed sensible to eat them sooner rather than later. The toast was from the sourdough bread I made yesterday. Tea this evening was jacket potatoes (cheap potatoes also bought last weekend - I think those were 12p for a good sized bag) with beans, cheese, bacon & mushrooms. The mushrooms were the last of last week’s punnet, and the bacon came from a pack which has already contributed to a pasta bake and last nights “breakfast for dinner”. The last few rashers will be used in the week.

Tomorrow: A half shoulder of lamb has come out of the freezer to defrost and will be roasted v-e-r-y slowly tomorrow morning with lots of garlic and rosemary. The final 2 potatoes from the bag will go with it, along with some fresh veg. Tea tomorrow will be cheese and crackers - a good old easy, lazy weekend favourite. Pudding will be a rice pudding with fruit compote - the fruit is from the freezer. 

Lunches on weekdays are always the same - a filled roll, with fruit. MrEH has a bag of crisps too. Similarly breakfasts are a choice of cereal, or a banana, or porridge. So the meal plan only accounts for evening meals. 

Monday: Risotto with bacon & mushrooms (yes - that will be the 4th meal that single pack of bacon has gone into. We buy decent quality bacon which has plenty of flavour so just a few rashers at a time make their presence felt). It will also incorporate some additional veggies too. 

Tuesday: Lamb couscous - some of the leftovers from the Sunday joint. With dried apricots, roasted chickpeas, roasted pepper, coriander leaf. 

Wednesday: Thai inspired fish stew with rice. This will use fish, shellfish and veggies from the freezer alongside tinned tomatoes, Thai curry paste and an onion. Highly inauthentic but very tasty! 

Thursday: pasta bolognese. I’ll probably make this on Wednesday and let it sit overnight. Mince from the freezer, and probably some veg too. 

Friday: will either be fish & chips from the freezer or a takeaway depending how we feel at the time. 

To declare: into the freezer - a pack of crumpets and a pack of fruit bagels - the bagels were yellow stickered and will do us for breakfasts at weekends. The crumpets because - well, it’s winter and sometimes only crumpets will do! 

We shopped at ThaT supermarkeT this afternoon spending just over £21. I’ll be adding a second shop for the week at Aldi on Monday morning as Mum also needs some bits from there and with the current Covid situation in the town it’s not safe for her to venture there herself at the moment. I expect that one to cost in the region of £10. 

This one was always going to be a slow-burn. We’ve done it before, and it’s about planning, thinking ahead and remember that sometimes it’s silly NOT to take a seemingly backwards step when good deals come up that need freezing. Ideally we’d like to be able to talk to Peter who we buy our lamb from at the farmers market next weekend about buying a whole butchered carcass - but realistically we will probably hold off on placing the actual order until February. Which is a shame in some ways, as we’re currently researching haggis recipes... 


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