Saturday 26 January 2008


Oh dear - FOUR months since I've last been here? Oops. Sorry to anyone who's missed it (well, that's my Mum then!) and I promise to make the effort to post a bit more regularly from here on in.
No prizes for recognising the shot on the right - yes, we finally made it to Paris! It's somewhere I've always wanted to see, but it's taken me a few years to persuade Ben back as he didn't particularly like it when he visited before. I'm pleased to report that he found it a lot more enjoyable this time round - it must have been the company! Eurostar makes the journey so easy now - even for out-of-towners like us - particularly with St Pancras International being on the Victoria line it makes for a simple trip. We only went for a weekend, but we had the whole of Saturday and nearly all of Sunday to do the sightseeing we wanted to do, and I have to say I absolutely loved the place. One thing though, if anyone can tell me how you ask in French for a standard black coffee without getting an espresso, I'd be most grateful! ;-)
There will be a few more pictures from the trip to come on here I should think - and if you want to see the whole batch then keep checking on my "webshots 4" as they will all be up there before too much longer I hope.