Wednesday 15 December 2010


.....To the Harrier Jump Jet. This special plane has today flown it's last operational flights for the British Military forces. It was only a few years ago that this plane was a regular on the air-show circuit, wowing the crowds and making small children cry and dogs bark with the phenomenal roar and downdraft as it went into a hover. It was always forgiven though when it "took a bow" at the end of the display, and its ability to do something (vertical take-off, and that hover) which is usually associated with a helicopter rather than fixed wing aircraft made it extra special.


Saturday 4 December 2010

Nifty Fifty Project...

Thought I ought to get back to this again - as I've said before I love using the 50mm lens, it's just getting around to using it that I have an issue with. Then I pick it up, pop it on the front of the camera (works better that way round) and it's as though its never been gathering dust in the bag. I have to start thinking - really thinking - about composing shots and how to get exactly the picture I want. Sometimes I have to re-think the shot I thought I was going to take as it simply doesn't work for the fixed length of the lens - that's a tricky one as my photography head doesn't like admitting that a shot isn't possible.

The shot above was another one taken for the photography challenge I'm doing online with a group of friends. The theme was "Something architectural" and although I guess paving slabs aren't strictly speaking "Architecture" I was wandering round town with my camera and "that" lens, and saw the array of different shapes, sizes and coloured slabs and decided I liked how it looked. The challenges are good fun so far - we're seeing some excellent shots coming from people who had been at great pains to tell us all that they weren't very good at taking pictures - so far the evidence is disproving this! From a personal perspective I'm finding it a real kick-start to thinking about photography again and just plain picking up the camera and using it.