Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Starting again...

A face full of red jet at Scampton back in 2016.

I've said before that when I am stressed or anxious one of the first things to go is the "good habits" - I neglect things like stretching, forget to drink my water, and spend a lot of time fretting about all the things I "should" be doing and losing sight of whether any of them are important or not. My planning goes out of the window, and I spend too much time feeling guilty about just sitting reading a book for example, to actually enjoy it. Last week was a bit like that - and in the end I just decided to cut myself some slack over it as worrying about that stuff was just adding to the anxiety. on a day when just getting out of bed, showered and dressed feels like a bit of a challenge, that's often the best thing to do, however, this week, it's time to re-set and re-build.

My main aim for this week as far as exercise goes is lots of walking - I may run if I feel like it, but no pressure on that one and I’m currently feeling a slight niggle in my left ankle which I want to be sure is OK before I run too much on it. I’m rounding up our walks in the morning to 4 miles plus trying to add an extra walk in later in the day as well. Plenty of strength work - I’ve been trying to keep up with that since the gyms closed but inevitably it’s not as easy to motivate yourself at home, without much in the way of equipment - so I’m trying to focus on the stuff I can do using a pair of light dumbbells, resistance bands, body weight and one heavy dumbbell. HEAPS of stretching and mobility - I’m aiming for most days on this, with a few sessions of foam rolling thrown in too. (Ouch!) Aside from exercise, sleep, hydration, and reminding myself that I don’t have to be doing something ALL the time! I’ve got an aviation photography trip planned for later in the week, weather permitting, which should be fun, and Claire and I are also plotting some trips for the future too - we might not have air shows but we’re damned if this is going to stop all our fun!

Other planning is taking place a around our Hebrides trip - ironically enough the changes in the ferry timetables because of the virus might yet mean that we get an extra day and a half across there. It has also meant that we’re having to look into an extra night’s accommodation though, plus having to make the decision to make the long drive up to Mallaig in one go without our usual overnight stop. The accommodation thing is further complicated by the bunkhouse where we usually spend our first night being unable to open for multiple occupation at present - however the owners of the bunkhouse also have a couple of cute little “hobbit home” glamping pods, so have allocated one of those for us for the two nights instead! Now all we have to do is to hope we can actually get booked onto our desired ferry - the alternative means an even longer drive up at an even worse time, so fingers crossed!


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