Saturday, 28 April 2007

Thank goodness! A Win!

The Witches recorded their first league win of the season on Thursday night - a huge relief all round and all the more so with the return to form of our Captain Chris Louis, and also a first home race win from the young man pictured above - Marcin Rempala.  Another night out on the centre for me......I've had every home meeting I've attended out there so far this season which has been great - I know my shots are improving as a result as once I've got the first few heats out of the way to make sure there's something for the website and something for the programme, I can experiment with settings and try out different ideas.  

It's still a huge thrill for me being "involved" even just in a small way during meetings. Years ago when I used to take a camera to speedway I would have been astonished if anyone had told me that in a few years time I'd be a regular centre green 'tog and getting shots printed in the programme every week - amazing! Off to Wolverhampton on Monday night - I got approved for centre green access there last year so am hoping I can pull off the same again this time.


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