Sunday, 30 March 2008

The one that got away...

I tried to update this while we were away - honestly, I really did - sadly the connection I was on was a little twitchy and I couldn't keep a strong enough signal to get both post and photos to upload..... Anyway, as it's all written, here it is. More from the holiday to follow.....

I'm sitting here at Nunton Steadings writing this - as the wind howls round the building! Looking straight up I can see the clouds scudding overhead through the skylight, but the sky behind them is blue and the sun is it has each day so far since we arrived - lucky eh?! The first shot I have for you is the sunset on our first evening -

we walked from the cottage up to the road end at Sidinish, only a mile or so each way but a pleasant enough stroll to start us off - on the way back we were rewarded by this fabulous sunset in front of us - just what we wanted really! It topped off what was a rather special first day as we'd not been at the cottage more than a couple of hours when a glance out of the front window revealed Otters at play in Loch A Ghoill, just across the road from us. Amazing watching them - and especially considering all the time we'd looked fruitlessly for them previously, there they were just over the road. Didn’t manage to get any very clear shots of them unfortunately, but this one does at least prove we saw them! We've seen plenty of bird-life since we've been here too - seen Golden eagles several times now, and also a heron, whooper swans, black throated divers, Shelduck, Tufted Ducks, and the sweetest pair of Stonechats playing "kiss-chase" around us on our walk at Rueval (Benbecula) yesterday. Altogether so far we've seen 29 species of birds, and on the mammal front, seals (including yesterday evening on in the Loch at the back of the cottage!), rabbits, Red deer and of course the Otters

Finally - this is the beach on Berneray looking
splendid in the Sun - nothing like a walk on a white sandy beach to remind you that you're on holiday!

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