Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Nearly the end...

....of the summer, and with it the airshow season. I've not seen so much of the Reds this season as I would have liked - just the three displays at Eastbourne, Dartmouth & Duxford - but as ever they were outstanding on all three occasions. Of the three displays Dartmouth was by far the most special - it always is, not least because I have now got into the habit of climbing up the big hill behind the town and shooting from there - it gives a totally different viewpoint on the display as a whole - at times you're looking down on the action, and at others the trademark red Hawks seem to be coming right at you!

I went into the display season this year wanting to do more shots where the Reds' smoke trails were as much a feature of the shots as the planes themselves - having been caught a couple of times now with extremely bland skies, or the sort of conditions that make capturing the "Red" in the "Red Arrows" close to impossible, I felt that this would be a good trick to master as it would potentially enable me to come away with even those sort of displays with shots to be pleased with. What do you think - has it worked?

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